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We pursue what truly matters, your business success. Move in confidence in growing your business with us, your business care partner.

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All Entrepreneurs have their business aspirations, the challenge is how to translate them into actions that produce positive results. Wherever you are in your business journey, Business Clinic will help you co-design your business success.

Business Clinic PH (BCP)

is a business solutions firm that helps micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and Social Enterprises realize their potentials and generate greater social impact. We are your business care partner.


This is a systematic process that allows an in-depth analysis on the health of the business and its operations. An in-depth understanding of an organization allows opportunities to solve problems in a practical and practicable way. This will also make the process of problem solving more efficient and effective.

Our Business Diagnosis approach ensures the least amount of disruption or none at all in your current business operations.

The process of business transformation or the treatment phase requires in depth knowledge in your business operation. This would necessitate commitment from business owners to partner with Business Clinic to co-design the business success or make business alignment in the operations to realize the operational goals and the organizations' potentials.

This primary focuses on the sustainability and the next phase of the business. In here, we will support you through necessary tools and approaches to realize your organization's potentials (e.i. Strategy & Innovations) and how to integrate in your business the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors of sustainability.

This is a preliminary review of your business current condition to identify potential gaps in your financial stability, operations and management systems, basically your business vital signs. As this is just preliminary, small business owners and social entrepreneurs are encouraged to take further consultations to craft a more defined solution for their business concerns.

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We pursue what truly matters, your business success. Move in confidence in growing your business with Business Clinic.

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